NatureIT (www.natureit.se and www.natureit.no) is operated by Maping AB, org. no. 559078-1877, and the following terms and conditions apply to these websites.

NatureIT sells permits for the account of a responsible organization (= proprietor) and is only acting as an agent. Any questions about or claiming the permit shall be directed to these responsible organizations.
By using NatureIT Services and / or using the information provided on or through the Website, you agree to the Terms of Use. NatureIT reserves the right to update and modify these Terms of Use and the right to update or modify the Site by publishing changes online without first notifying you. You are responsible for regularly checking information online to find changes in time. If you continue to use the Website after posting changes, it means you accept the changed Terms of Service.

Terms of purchase
A reservation can be canceled until payment has been made. Choosing an invoice as a payment option is to match with card or bank payment and payment has been made, even if the invoice is to be paid at a later date by the customer. The distance contract law's rules on cancellation rights do not apply when purchasing this type of recreational activities. When payment has been made, the customer is therefore bound by his purchase.
However, responsible organization can grant repayment at e.g. disease or obvious wrong buying, but only when the date of the permit has not yet occurred. The contact form on the first page can also be used in these cases. Certificates may be required.

My permission
It is up to you to check that your booking is correct and that the permit has arrived in good time before the activity starts.
After completion of purchase, an email confirmation will be sent with an attachment, so you can print the permit or "download" it on your mobile.
You can also find all your permissions after logging in to your account.

Personal data
We process your personal information in accordance with applicable personal data law. We process the data only with the purpose to create the permit with sufficient information so that the data controller, that also owns the rights, should be able to verify that you have a valid permit. Some permits also demand that you fulfill certain criteria such as living in a specific county or municipality which also has to be verified before you may buy.
By registering your personal information, you agree that we use the information to contact you with information about changes that affect your permit. Your personal information is also saved to simplify for you the next time you want to buy.
We will not disclose your e-mail address or information about you as a customer to any third party except for responsible organization.
The customer is always entitled to request the personal information of the customer that NatureIT has, and you will also find this information when you log in.
When purchasing through an e-commerce partner, for example PayEx or Payson, NatureIT never gets access to security-critical financial information, such as debit card number or bank account.
By using NatureIT Services you agree to the processing of personal data as described above. 

Personal use
Authorizations may only be purchased for personal use and may not be used commercially. This means that licenses may not be purchased and / or traded for commercial purposes.

My account
You can create an account with a username and password and the information required for purchase. Otherwise, this account will normally be created by the system during the purchase process. You are responsible for keeping the username and password secret. This is important because you can be held responsible for all orders and other actions that occur using the username and password.

Immaterial rights
All material within the Service is owned by NatureIT and is protected by copyright law. Copyright and other intellectual property rights to Content and Design within the Service (including text, electronic documents, graphics, images and sounds, photographs, databases, software, software products and services) are owned by NatureIT or a third party. Images, text or other material may not be copied without permission.

The service contains links to web pages maintained by a third party. On, and in the use of, these web pages apply terms compiled by third parties. NatureIT is not responsible for other parties' websites or their content.

Limitation of Liability
We strive to have web pages available 24 hours a day but cannot be held responsible for the webpage for some reason not being available. In addition, we may occasionally have to carry out repairs and maintenance or introduce new pages and features.
We do not guarantee that the web pages are compatible with any hardware or software that you use.
We strives for information and material on the Website to be accurate, but does not provide any warranty, express or implied, for completeness, accuracy, accuracy and accuracy of the information. Within the limits of the law, we do not accept any liability for errors or omissions.

Applicable law
Swedish law applies to these general conditions.