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The fishing license is valid for fishing all species of inland fish. The fishing licence is valid for Kautokeinoelva, Mázejohka and Láhpojohka within fishing area KAU59.

General fishing regulations on the Finnmark Estate:

  • Due to the risk of infection, all fishing tackle, boats and other objects used in a watercourse shall be dried, disinfected or frozen before use, and if they are being moved to other watercourses or other parts of the same watercourse.

  • It is not permitted to use live fish as bait. Dead fish from the same watercourse is permitted as bait.

  • Persons resident outside of Finnmark may fish with a rod or hand-held line.

  • In watercourses with net restrictions, one may use a total of 10 hooks at the same time. Net restrictions can be found in Forskrift om fiske etter innlandsfisk med garn m.m., Finnmark.

  • Rods and hand-held lines are permitted all year round.

  • The use of otter boards is only permitted in lakes.

  • Catch reports are mandatory for inland fishing on the Finnmark Estate. Submit your catch at www.natureit.no once you have finished fishing.

  • Separate regulations apply to fishing in the Pasvik River. These can be found here: www.fefo.no/fiske/innlandsfiske

  • A breach of these conditions may result in immediate confiscation of the fishing licence and/or a police report.

Residency in Norway is required in order to fish inland fish at the Finnmark Estate between 15 March and 15 June. Non-resident foreign nationals may apply for dispensation from the residency requirement. More information and dispensation application can be found at www.fefo.no.

Tight lines fishing on the Finnmark Estate!

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